AeroExplore TLS
12th-15th October 2016
An International Symposium in the Heart of Europe's Aerospace Hub:Toulouse
Events Schedule
Morning Session
Simscale Workshop
Visit to City of Space Museum
-Research at ETH Zurich

-Story behind Airbus A380's Development

-Space walk Experience by Astronaut Philippe Perrin
Visit to A380 Final Assembly line
Evening Session
Simscale Contest + Tech for Space
Aircrash Investigation and Flight Simulation
Visit to Aeroscopia Museum (Concorde & A400M)

Spirits Night

Cultural Barbeque
Final Dinner
Registration Phases

15th-25thJuly 2016
20 Participants

26th July-15th August 2016
10 Participants

Steps for Registration

1.Fill the registration details via this link

2.Wait for the selection e-mail from Euroavia TLS.

3.Once your selection is confirmed,transfer the registartion fees of 100€ to the bank account given below

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Curious to hear the development stories of the AIRBUS A380 , or visit the Final Assembly Line of the A380 in Toulouse???
Space enthusiast???? Want to hear experiences of a space walk from an ESA Astronaut and Test Pilot??????
A pilot?? Want to fly a real crash scenario on a simulator???
An engineer??? Curious to design an aircraft wing???

Come join us at AeroExplore TLS - a mega symposium by Euroavia Toulouse

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Description of the events

Day 1- SimScale : Learn about the engineering techniques of CFD/FEA used in aircraft design from experts coming from SimScale
Day 2 - Visit the beautifull Cité de l'espace museum, be a weather reporter, try a space walk or test yourselves for high g tests.
Day 3 - Attend insightfull and motivating talks in the fields of research, future of aeronautics, development stories of A380 and space walk experiences. Also , get an opportunity to fly a real crash scenario on an Aircraft Simulator
Day 4 - Visit the Final Assembly line of the Airbus A380 and the Aeroscopia museum. Get an opportunity to sit inside the revolutionary Concorde.

More exciting details coming up soon!

What do you get???
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